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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Chapter 23, In Which We Become Shut-Ins

It's so hot, we didn't even go to the movies last night. Because even though movie theaters are supposed to be FREEZING, especially in the summer? Last weekend we went, and they weren't. And sitting in a room with 200 people in the dark, while trickles of sweat race from my temples is not what I call a "good time". There is only so much technology can do in the face of 90-degree-plus heat. And yesterday? It was 100 degrees. And then there's the whole journeying process, from the door to the interior of a car, which probably reached levels hot enough to bake muffins yesterday, and then there's walking from the mile-away parking space, and so we decided to stay inside & drink slushy pina coladas. JWo played backgammon on the computer, and watched a movie, and I read. Finished Harry Potter this morning, weepy & yet still fufilled.

And relieved. Because my favorite radio station gave away the ending on Monday, but because I was too busy either talking on the phone, or listening to Coldplay, I didn't hear it. WHEW! They did it again on Friday, and who knows how many times in between, but by that time, I had heard they were doing it, and I announced to JWo I was going to No Media Status. CD's in the car, CD's at work, and very skittish viewing of web news & blogs. The radio station ruined it for my friend Roger & he was quite bummed - and even though I started to flip ahead (to help myself brace for the news), I got busted by James & realized the error of my ways. :) Sigh. At least now I can discuss it with my friends!

If I ever leave the house....
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