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Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Bountiful Harvest

Right now, the kitchen table is covered with these:

This was taken over the weekend - now there are 4 huge oversized bowls full of tomatoes, plus two cardboard box lids filled as well. Did you know you can pick your tomatoes as soon as they start to change color? The plant/vine is done with them, and you can bring them inside to safely ripen, away from the Evil Squirrel Conspiracy. As soon as the hue gets a tinge of yellow or pink, pick away. The flavor is unchanged, and you don't lose as much fruit in the wait!

Yesterday morning, I nearly walloped the SuzyDog - she walked right up to the cherry tomato plant we have in a pot at the entrance to the garden, and snacked herself one right off the vine! OOooooOO! Bad dog! Reminded me though of my black lab Oscar when I was growing up - you'd be picking blackberries at the top of the bush, he'd be stripping an entire lower vine - ripe & unripe alike, plus leaves, thorns, whatever - with his teeth to get himself some berries. Goofball.

James has some serious canning adventures ahead of him today!
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