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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Poor Polly & Suzy.....

They are loved dogs, that is for sure. I adore them both, and we take good care of the pooches. Costco has unleashed a whole new line of pet products, including an iron-scroll bed, complete with COIL SPRING MATTRESSES. A raised dog bed bath, capable of supporting 350 pounds, obviously designed by someone who's never bathed a labrador retriever: I'd love to have the dog fuckin' ELEVATED so when they inevitably shake, they soak my entire HEAD AND TORSO.

All of that aside, it is a sad day for Polly & Suzy, because I had to break the news to them that they will never get to eat/drink from this:

What is this thing of beauty? Why, it's the Versace Barocco Pet Bowl, with Gold Leaf Edging - available at! It's porcelain, too, so hopefully your dog's a delicate, dainty eater. Ours would have it broken within 30 seconds. (That's the ONLY reason they're not getting one. Each.)
The Versace Barocco Pet Bowl can be your dog's diningware, too, for the low, low price of $439.99. Why? Why do they need this? Because the Alpo :tastes: better in Versace.

It should be noted that the price DOES include shipping & handling.
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