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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Because I Like Nice Things

There was a furniture store in St.Louis that featured the children of the founder (and when I say children, I don't mean cute tykes, I mean 30-year old spoiled rotten cheeseballs), and at the end of every spot, the guy would point at the camera & in a drawl, state: "Because you lahk NAHCE THANGS!"

That line, of course, became part of the everyday vernacular. Feel like going out & buying some clothes? Why not! Because you lahk nahce thangs. Spent a little extra on lunch? Of course you did. Because you lahk nahce thangs! I still hear it, in my head, even when I am just internet-window-shopping, and I click through on, say, a Bed Bath & Beyond email touting some new bed linens, and I discover the color scheme I was attracted to includes a dust ruffle that could be mine for the unbelievably great price of $229. For a fuckin' DUST RUFFLE. Brain Kerfuffle! That dust ruffle would be covered with black dog hair in one day. But hey, I could use one of my eight thousand 20% off coupons! That would bring it down to just $183.20. FOR A DUST RUFFLE. Do you know how much yarn that kind of bling would buy? How many pairs of Doc Martens from Sierra Trading Post? Hell, it's almost two iPod Shuffles! A new set of tahrs fo' the Civic! Four nice dinners out with the free spirit who is the JWo!

All I could do was laugh when I saw the prices. It never fails for me to pick the spendy-spendy things, NOT THAT I ACTUALLY BUY THEM (all the time). Blame my parents for the emphasis on good taste & having the finest. Why wouldn't I be drawn to a $229 dust ruffle? I mean, geez - it's 100% silk. Of course it costs that much!

Because I lahk nahce thangs.
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