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Monday, June 27, 2005

Seems Like A Sensible Policy....

Over at Becky's blog, she wrote about going to an adult store to shop for an upcoming bachelorette party. It reminded me of some of my (always hilarious) ventures into those stores, the funniest being a time many many moons ago in Chicago. We were in some store in the Boystown area, and were strolling around, giggling at some things, marveling at others, furrowing our brows at some...... and then at the counter I espied a little note taped to the cash register, written in all capital letters: NO RETURNS ON BUTT PLUGS.

Well, never shying away from an opportunity for a laugh, I asked the guy, "So, do you get a lot of people trying to return butt plugs?" And he (VERY seriously and oh so VERY gay) responded, "OH, yes. People are ALWAYS buying them way too big. They think the small ones look too small, so they don't buy them, and then they come back the next day, wanting to exchange them. And we just won't do that."

Okey dokey. Good to know! And I can't really blame them!
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