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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Fashionably Late

Until one of us dies, JWo and I will always always always disagree on the matter of time. His alarm clock is set 17 minutes faster than "real world" time. My clock is jacked up and off by a few minutes, because I still haven't fixed it since I randomly set it after the power went off a couple weeks ago. It's a mind fuck, in my opinion, to live by a clock that is not reflecting the current real time. It's playing a game with yourself, so that wherever you end up, you're there early. And me? I'm always late. I get distracted easily and I long ago gave up excessive worrying about timeliness, because it wasn't something I got raised with - my father being the chronic late arriver, every time.

Take today's fish fry - his grandparents? Arrived an hour early. I no longer am surprised by these events, but instead have the opinion that in arriving early, they will then get what they get - which is me sweating profusely in a nightshirt, vacuuming. Hey, if the party ain't startin' 'til 4, no tellin' what you'll discover at 3. Pretty don't get out of the box 'til 3:45, and you can marvel at the transformation.

And take the term "Fashionably Late". Fashion. Style. As in, vogue, trend. Dare I say, cool. You never hear about "Nattily Early" or even "Ravishingly On-Time." I'm just sayin' - the terminology doesn't judge or say late is bad. I can find the differences between us & laugh at 'em, because neither of us is changing dramatically tomorrow, and despite the differences, there's nobody I'd rather wake up next to - even if my clock says 7:02, his says 7:19, and Naval clock in Maryland says 6:59.
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