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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Qantas Never Crashed

Saw this article, and sent it off immediately to further prove Iowans are, indeed, the best drivers around. Now it's backed up by the insurance industry. Go Iowaegans!

So I sent it to JWo, along with a smug line about the co-pilot commentary now being put to rest. And he wrote back, with a quote from the article.

"I'd like to think it's because everybody is so polite,"

JWo: Uhhh...didn't you tell someone to "Fuck Off" while driving last week? I don't think the article applies to you! :D

fiiiiine. But those boys were being really rude, FIRST. I just responded in kind. And didn't get in a wreck doing it, despite the anger, middle finger & half my head flying out the window. I'm an EXCELLENT driver. Ten minutes to Wapner.
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