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Friday, June 17, 2005

Seriously, I Could Eat A Horse. Clydesdale-Size Me.

If I were a video game? I'd be Ms.Pac-Man. Consuming every dot, blinking ghost, and surprise treat on the board. I wouldn't stop 'til everything was gone.

And on my commute in, a giant truck was stopped IN A LANE, and I realized it after I was behind it (they had their blinkers on) & so I put mine on, waiting for the light to change to move cars so I could get around them, and THEY HAD THE NERVE to wave at me, and then another one yelled at me that couldn't I see their blinkers were on???? OMG. If I could give out tickets for rudeness? They would be paying out the nose, little fuckers. I think they were lost, and frustrated, but I'm PMSing, and so I screamed BACK at them, "I'M TRYING TO GET AROUND YOU, I SEE THAT, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" And then when I parked in my spot I wanted to go back up the hill and yell at them some more.

Good thing it's a half-day at work. I could make people's ears bleed today. And then I'd eat them.
posted by PlazaJen, 8:55 AM