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Friday, June 10, 2005

Knitted Things! Super Cute!

I have cranked on the baby stuff these past couple of weeks, making some baby booties for a woman at work, and finishing Anouk from for my good friend's daughter. I'm actually referred to as "Auntie Jen", and I'm so honored by that; she's just precious & I hope I can be as good of an Aunt to her as my Auntie Karen's always been to me.

The baby booties were knit in Paton's Kroy sock yarn, doubled. The pattern is the "Textured Booties" - super duper easy - from "Fifty Baby Bootees to Knit", by Zoe Mellnor, and these are great for quick, fast presents. There are many elaborate booties in the book, and I've made the duck feet booties as well, so if you haven't seen the book, it's worth a flip through, if only to coo and ooh over all the CUTENESS!

Anouk is made with Cascade Pima Tencel, in exactly the colors called for in the pattern. Nobody in town sells this yarn, so I ordered it from Webs. The only thing I didn't do? Reverse the intarsia pattern on the pockets. Because if knitting with cotton makes me cranky, knitting colorwork makes my barely-there eyebrows furrow. The upside of this yarn is that it's like a cotton version of cashmere, it's really that soft. Everyone who's touched it has been surprised! And then they don't stop touching it. So if you were thinking of making a summery tee or shell or something out of cotton, you might want to consider this yarn, it's $5 a ball & if you spend levels of money at Webs, you get a percentage off. No, I don't get any commission. DAMMIT JEN.

Enough already, let's get to the pictures!

Textured bootees! Posted by Hello

Precious Anouk. Posted by Hello
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