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Saturday, June 04, 2005


It's like life is a Disney movie right now - I expect a little bluebird of happiness to land on my outstretched hand, while I'm on the back deck singing about rainbows or something else pukeifyingly happy.

I offer this into evidence:

We were supposed to go to World's of Fun yesterday afternoon for a company outing - but it rained. So we still got all our lunches brought in, and then we were sent to a bar next door at 4, for cameraderie & free drinks.

This new place has summer hours. Every other Friday off at noon. No extra work to "make up the time". Some people wanted every Friday off (by then working longer during the week to "make up the hours") - but hey. I came from a place with no Friday off. So I'm dancing in a fucking musical called "JOY".

Then, a most excellent haircut. One should not drink heavily before getting a haircut, because you could make poor choices. Therefore, no Patron shots, sad as that is. I am wise beyond my years.

While getting my haircut, my phone would not stop ringing. Two friends from the old job at Missie B's. (Missie B's is the home of the drag queens, among other queens, and is a very melting pot of a gay bar.) Come meet us for a drink. Instead of calling, I just decide to show up and surprise the hell out of them. It worked. Very fun couple of hours, and I felt so nostalgic for all the years I spent in the gay bars - mostly Minneapolis and a bit in St. Louis. Then I got Thai House take out, and the owner refused to let me tip, I "made her happy just by coming in". I started trying to listen for a soundtrack, because obviously I was in some kind of movie.

Kristin got engaged last night. Couldn't be happier for her, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Going shopping at SuperTarget this afternoon with Roger & David, followed by dinner at Angela's tonight with all of us, and we're having wilted lettuce salad. Bacon grease dressing = heaven, even if it sends you there quicker.

I love my job and I love my bosses. On Thursday one of my bosses & I went to a client meeting & we had a great conversation in the car, about the state of things & what we want to do & accomplish, and he said he saw me taking an ownership position within the company, (not like, Hey, Jennifer is gonna own the company) but just being a leader & effecting change & making the department a lot more solid & valuable to the agency. Jesus in the sky, it has taken 15 years to get here and even if it goes away, it's finally come.

As with everything, there are fluctuations & ups and downs. I know it, and I don't expect everything to keep rolling along this smoothly. It would be nice if, every time I walked into the back yard, a handful of Oompa Loompas appeared & we did a dance number in the grass together. But I'll settle for the two black dogs to just chase each other & knock each other down with the joy of their play, and brace myself so they don't knock me down, too. And without sounding too entitled, I would like to say I think I'm due, finally. I'm shedding the anger layers, the old resentments, the bitterness and lack of hope. Everyone deserves a bluebird of happiness, even if it has to fly off for a little while - sometimes a long while.

I'll try not to pull a Fiona from Shrek and kill it.
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