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Monday, May 30, 2005

As These Two Flames Become One

I did not lose my tone, I did not smirk, I did not laugh, as I said the above line during the commitment ceremony Saturday night. I am once again convinced I am missing an Oscar for my ability and stage presence: after all, as two gay men are lighting a candle, using the word "Flame" repeatedly, it carries a double entendre not lost on me (or the audience) and during the rehearsal I lost it (all three times I read it) by the time I had to say "as these two flames..." I toyed with hitting a high-pitched falsetto and throwing in some jazz hands, but in the end went with my sincere, warm (and controlled) voice. And no jazz hands.

Mike & Gordon threw a great party, they declared their love & commitment to each other, and I danced with my husband to the song we got married to: Barry White's "You're the First, the Last, My Everything", which actually got everyone out on the floor (not because of us, because it's BARRY). Then we had to leave because it was 800 degrees in the tiny ballroom, and despite having windows open, there was not enough air circulating to combat the crowd & the heat. Good thing JWo drove us home, because I wouldn't have passed that eye test thingy.

Today is a barbecue at Roger & David's, and then it's back to work - and I am again, looking forward to going to work. I swear, I'm not acting, either. But I will ALWAYS give you jazz hands, because they are such a happy thing. And because my self-portrait for work was deemed "too boring" (wha? Me? TOO BORING?) I give you some hamming for the camera, right before we left for the ceremony. I put on half the scarves I've knit (to show something about me) and then it was all Vogue covershoot from there, only I started singing and waving the scarves and making up new words so they were funny and about JWo, and in half the pictures I look like a total goober because I have on so much lipstick, any odd position of my mouth gets exaggerated. So here's the "normal" one. Sorry, no jazz hands. But there's a little Diana Ross going on. Because I am Supreme.
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