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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Guilty Pleasure #829

I love COPS. Not motorcycle cops with radar guns, I think I've established my deep dislike for them, but the Fox show, COPS. LIVE on LOCATION. With the men and women of LAW ENFORCEMENT. I admit it, I own it, it's all mine, it's my guilty, guilty pleasure.

Saturdays are awesome because you can catch COPS on Court TV before the regular hour starts on Fox. Tonight, we watched one that took place in Portland, Oregon (hey, Shannon!) (Shannon wasn't featured, thankfully) and we watched in amazement as one wacked out dude refused to stand up for the po-lice. They twisted his hand so far around, and finally had one knee on his back while another ociffer rushed up and they found the gun they were looking for on him, and the WHOLE TIME the dude kept saying, "Wha? Wha'd I do?"

I turned to JWo and said, "If some big cop like that tells me to stand up, I will not only stand up, I will pee my pants, take off my clothes, do whatever's necessary, all the while keeping my jazz hands visible."

Because, bad boys, bad boys, Whatcha gonna do?
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