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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Captain Freakazoid

I just can't get places on time. I had a very bad model in my father, who would get IN THE SHOWER when we were supposed to be leaving for my chorus concerts at school. His philosophy was, I wasn't at the start of the event, therefore why should he sit through all the other stuff, let's just get there in time for me to go on stage. Add to that a natural tendency to space out and get distracted, and it's a disaster.
My apologies to Kristin, on her first day of work. My apologies to my husband, for past, present & future latenesses that will undoubtedly make him nutters. I even got up early, was dressed before 8 a.m. and still couldn't pull it off. I'm Lucille Ball and the conveyor belt of chocolate is always piling up.

I did, however, break many speed limits recklessly this morning, and no motorcycle cops caught me and therefore I was not as late as I could have been. WHEW. But JWo forgot to take the garbage out, so I had to do it, and then I got distracted by stuff in the garage and then I was Mario Andretti-ing it up Ward Parkway, calling everyone and apologizing. I should just have cards printed up & engraved with my name.
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