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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mawwage, and Twoo Wuv

Last Friday evening, we attended the wedding of my former co-worker. This girl never fails to crack me up, sometimes in amazement, because she can talk like no other person I've met. Ever. Kristin once said she liked to watch me, watching her. Probably because I got slackjawed. You know how you think you're pretty good, if not plain good, at some things? I'm like that about talking, but I know when I'm in the presence of a professional.

All of that's neither here nor there. It was a very nice wedding & party, and they were a gorgeous couple. The funny part was that the wedding was basically inaudible (except for Steph. I heard everything she said, clear as a bell.) I heard about every third word, and actually got into a fit of giggles with another former co-worker that seemed to come for no reason and every reason all at once. The minister performing the service? Sounded like he'd just finished up the voicework for the re-release of the Princess Bride. Remember that wedding scene? MAWWWAGE. and TWOO WUV. Now, I'm not saying this particular minister had a true speech impediment? But the way the sound reached me, it sure clanged those familiar bells and then the fact that James had to elbow me every time we were done with bowing our heads (I couldn't hear the "All clear, raise your heads" command), it just got to me. And then when you can see other people in front of you, also doing the "huh? Can you hear any of this?" looks, it's just a teetering moment on the edge where you hope you can stop the silent giggle-shaking before you make a scene that everyone CAN hear. (We were able to stop.)

But it's still one of the most fun ways to laugh, where it feels like it could explode out of control, ripping through everything that's proper and well-mannered, and you never know if in that next second, you'll be on the floor, writhing & guffawing and crying from the pain in your stomach muscles & hoping you don't wet your pants but you wouldn't know because you can't feel your legs anymore. I did that once, in high school (lost control laughing, not wet my pants.) We were at a drama competition, and watching another school do a choral reading. Unfortunately, they all walked in, looking mournful & sad, holding plastic daisies & singing "Where Have All The Flowers Gone." I flat-out lost it. LOST IT. I got in so much trouble from our coach, it still makes me squint. But it was so over-the-top. I was lying down on our bleacher, trying to hide behind another student, while the giggles and laughter squeezed out of me like a balloon being stretched open horizontally at the opening, squeaking and honking, tears streaming out of my eyes.

James hit that point at the wedding, actually. He had the car keys, and was bored out of his gourd. Our group of co-workers (half of whom don't work there anymore) were gathered for pictures & we were laughing about the idea of that photo being on the company intranet in their little "daily picture" slot.... I look over, and JWo is crying, laughing. Turns out, he could see the people standing outside smoking, and we were parked near that doorway, and he started hitting the little "beep" on the car remote that indicates it's locked. The people would turn, startled & look at the car. Apparently, he'd been doing this for about 10 minutes, waiting until they'd resume talking & smoking & then doing some rapid-fire beeps. I had no idea what he was doing but just seeing him laughing & wiping tears from his eyes made ME start laughing, and once I found out what he'd been doing, I laughed harder. My soulmate.

May all of you laugh like that at least once this week. It's good for the soul. And stomach muscles (not to mention a whole lot easier than those pesky ab crunches.)
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