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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hollywood? You Can SUCK IT!

I've had it with temper tantrums and the pretense that Hollywood stars deserve all this privacy and no cameras and no consequences, blah blah blah. Russell Crowe? Needs some anger management, he's no different than the dude down at the Ford plant who blows up because he's drinking too much lately & he's worried about paying his bills and he pops some smart ass in the nose on the wrong day at the wrong time. But Russell will have different consequences - either paying off the hotel concierge, or paying a very expensive lawyer to plead down charges to something as inane as "littering". The Ford plant dude will have consequences. One of the snotty Olsen twins was just photographed flipping off the paparazzi. Now that's the image Wal-Mart and their saccharine-sweet teen flicks want to sustain. You know what? I think my breaking point came when I started reading about all the FREE SHIT these people get, just for being a)pretty, b)rich, c)connected or d)lucky. We're not talking free Downy samples or a little Dixie cup of new Splenda-sweetened Diet Coke, like you or I get when we go to SuperTarget. We're talking BLING fuckin' BLING, iPods and shit that you and I have to think and weigh and measure and wonder if we'll ever shell out the money for - some things we'll never buy - I don't need thousand-dollar sunglasses, my ass can easily break the cheap ones from Target, with less angst to boot. We're the ones who fund their lifestyles, by paying for the movies, music, watching the television shows, buying the products within, worn and seen. Where's my gift basket? Russell? Mary-Kate? Tom? Just pick up the phone, I'll give you my address, you can send me one of your 17 iPods.

In the meantime? I'm not going to feel an ounce of sympathy for your wilted life in the spotlight. You have a shitton of money, you can go buy yourself an island and chill, complete with some B-grade actor hired to bring you fruity drinks. Meanwhile, I'll be trucking around Kansas City, living my non-diamond-encrusted-life, scooping my margaritas out of a bucket in the freezer. And that's ok, quite frankly. The behavior half y'all exhibit tells me the person you become isn't necessarily the person I want to be. Just quit yer bitchin' & bad behavior.

I probably need to stop watching VH1's "Fabulous Life of...."
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