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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How To Brew Iced Tea

Get $5 coupon from Kristin for Adagio Teas, and after much delay, decide the Iced Tea Pot Set would be a perfect workday amenity, especially since summer has arrived.

Have it delivered to work. Wonder why it is not arriving.

Have it show up at home, finally, because of mistake on address & the zip code (that part was my fault); haul into work, where its usage was intended.

Be one of a select few to discover how to get hot water out of the water filtration system. Spill some on the floor to mark point of discovery. Burn your hand from the steam if you like, it's purely optional.

While pitcher sits, full of ice, set brewpot on handy black trivet-like-thing that arrived with it. Proceed to write the word "Trash" on three sides of the cardboard box so they take it away this time.

Turn around and realize you have the trivet upside down and it is triggering the "open" mechanism on the bottom of the brewpot. You will know this because 1/2 the hot tea contents are now slowly winding around the surface of your desk, soaking all papers in its undulating berry-blast red-river path. AWESOME!

Note how refreshed and herbal your freshly-wiped-down desk seems.

Empty brewpot into pitcher and re-brew a little more tea, repeating most of the above. Do not make mistake with trivet again.

Marvel at one's ability to get dressed in the morning and mentally thank your higher power that the computer was not harmed in the process of making iced tea. Because there's only so much leeway you get as a new employee, no matter what or where.

Enjoy iced tea and wonder if it will be tomorrow, next month, or six months from now that this process is repeated, if ever.
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