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Saturday, June 18, 2005

I'm a Trooper!

We had yesterday afternoon off at work - spent at the local amusement park. I'm not much on the rides, and I wasn't going to try to squeeze into a ride to discover I was too fat for it & have to wait for (all my co-workers) at the "phattys wait here" spot. James told me later there were some rides I could have gone on, but I didn't want to mess with it - there's also that fear in me that it's gonna me my time & number that comes up on those things & blam, goodbye cruel world. So I was the Mom. I walked the whole damned park with these people, heat blazing up radiating off the black asphalt, and they ALL STAYED TOGETHER. For two hours. I even joked with one guy that there was absolutely no chance to slip off and go back to my car. Until I got my chance, everyone but one person went on this fly-up-in-the-air-drop-down-til-you-puke ride, and he & I had worked together at the old place. So I saw my opportunity & said, "I'm leaving." He asked if he should pretend he lost me, or tell everyone I'd left, and I always prefer honesty, and told him he could tell 'em, I was heading home. I had a nice sweaty hike back to my car & felt like I got some good cleansing exercise for the day! My shins are barkin' today.

I honestly thought there'd be more non-riders in the group - but those people? didn't even go! DUH! I had hopes of knitting some socks & drinking some foo-foo drinks while the "kiddos" ran around in the heat. Sigh. It was not to be! But, then I thought about my old boss, how infamous she was for not going to events, not participating & not showing up at things, and even though I kinda felt like that? I wasn't going to be like that. Because just being there means something - even if I didn't ride the rides, I hiked around (in sandals! and got a ginormous blister under my big toe!) and chatted with and sweated profusely around people who are (mostly) younger than me. I will say that we did fit in all the rides at Disney - that was a pretty fun trip. And I sweated my ass of then, too. Nothing like Orlando in August!

Heh. That reminds me - we took a cooler on the plane, because we stayed on-property & wanted to try & save some money on food while we were there? So we bought groceries while we were there & saved our money for dinners out. The funniest thing of that whole trip (beside JWo's face in the picture from the Tower of Terror)? JWo hauling that wheeled cooler around the airport with his bags bungee-corded on it - it kept getting off-balance & we were already hot & annoyed & every five feet everything was tipping over. It's hysterical now - wasn't at the time! Cranky JWo. That was the same trip on which we had a HUGE blowout fight five days in, and as my auntie said, "Jennifer, everyone fights by Thursday at Disneyworld" - because it is just so perfect, and happy and the customer service is five-star, you just can't exist in all that "perfection" and not feel like things are imperfect! Our friends who just went had the same experience - ready to kill each other by the fifth day. So let that be a caution to any of you going for an extended Disney trip!

(We fought over who would go pick up our embroidered MICKEY MOUSE EARSat the front desk.)(That is some funny shit now. I love you JWo!)
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