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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Conversations About Me

After seeing a commercial for "Entourage" on HBO, I looked at JWo and said, "If I ever get famous, I'm totally making Shelley my agent. Because she can kick serious ass, and that's what you need in an agent."

JWo nodded, kept on munchin'.

"And you?" I continued, "You'd be my ARM CANDY!"

That got a thumbs-up.

I think I'd open my own yarn shop with my celebri-wealth, and let all my friends draw dizzingly silly salaries to work there & knit all the yarn they wanted. I think that might even make them "tax deductible", something you always want in an entourage.

My impending fame & fortune aside, I must plug the funny website again - I just love the frothingly biting celebrity-focused blog, Conversations About Famous People. Our knit friend Gretchen found it, and it just reinforces how much SHE needs to get her own blog, because she is a hysterical cheeky monkey! Do you hear me G? Only bloggers will be in the entourage. ;)
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