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Monday, June 20, 2005

There Is No Free Lunch

One of the "perks" right now, in the new job, is that everyone wants to take us to lunch. When I say "everyone"? I mean every single person gainfully employed in a sales position in the greater Kansas City area. EVERY ONE of them.

As in life, I am not going to be friends with everyone I meet, or even break bread with. We are currently in the mode of defining with whom we'll ever entertain the NOTION of having lunch with again! These lunches can get painful. When the sales managers trail along, it turns into a small sideshow, with the salespeople being good lap dogs & behaving & not showing all of themselves, but then bursting with enthusiasm and salesperonship & doing good table tricks to show their bosses that they're doing their jobs. As I always say, there is no free lunch. Somebody may be paying for it, but I'll never get those minutes back! Today's lunch was no different.

Except Kristin kept looking at me like she was going to figure out how to bury my dead body somewhere along Brush Creek once she finally killed me. That made me a little nervous. Good thing my entree came with a big knife.....
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