PlazaJen: Passion Knit

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Last night at dinner, James told me about one of his summer school kids having a tooth that was ready to fall out - and it's completely capped in silver. Dude! What is up with that? I don't know how much that stuff costs, but I know that capping BABY TEETH is like throwing twenty-dollar bills out the window! Sheesh! Cap the teeth you keep!

So of course, I get all squirrely and start talking about how I'm going to get all my front teeth done, but not completely capped, no, I want just the bottom outlines done. Unless they can do little stamps in the metal before it hardens, and then I'll have images of Polly & Suzy put in the two front ones. DAWGGS! Fly teeth for life!

And then I did a goofy overbite and dipped my front body down and semi-shouted "CRUUUUNK"! (like Li'l John does, you know, I am hip to the hip-hop culture sweeping the nation. We watch MTV2. I am a hip-hop SPONGE.) I was delighted that it made JWo laugh really hard. I would have shouted louder, but you know, we were like, OUT to dinner and it would have been a little rude.

Then, when someone tries to give me a hard time, I can yell, "DON'T YOU BE GETTIN' UP IN MAH GRILL" and I'll have grill teeth to bare at them, and they will know my teeth are the grill and they will run to save their hip-hopless soul. And I will tell them to get MTV2 on their cable provider, because then you can learn all the hot fashion tips & lingo, as well as learn great songs that really affirm and praise women. OK, that last part? Total bullshit.
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