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Friday, June 24, 2005

The picture...

The reason I'm lovin' the photo of the old people behind me is that I actually captured their reflection (and possibly their souls) in my rearview mirror, exactly as I saw them from the driver's seat. (I figured if I tried to wrench-around & shoot it through the back window, they'd have seen me!) Plus, if I'd turned around for their picture, it would have allowed you to see all the crap in my backseat. I use my car as a very large, very not-paid-off purse.

I love the idea of a series of photos like that, what you can capture in a small mirror - but if you're using your rearview mirror, just remember you have to hold the camera up further than your eye, because you don't have much error room & cropping when you're that close! (thus the ten pictures & two stoplights...)

Is it a blogging photo challenge? Just don't do it WHILE DRIVING peeps, that is too dangerous! Safety First!

~Your Iowan Good-Driver Blog Hostess
posted by PlazaJen, 8:38 PM