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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Polly Picked A Paper While Peppers Were Being Picked

OK, my dog Polly is one enthusiastic dog. Black Lab, loves EVERYthing. Vegetables, running at high speeds, licking, hugging, toys, sneaking an entire pound of cooked bacon off the kitchen counter, you know, the whole 9 yards. One thing she especially loves is to get the Paper in the mornings. Any time of day, just the mention of "paper" makes her ears go into full-on bat-wing alert. Sometimes a head cock to boot.

(Do you need me to get the paper again? It's no problem! I love to get the paper!)

This morning, while JWo was out picking peppers (he's gonna pickle 'em!) she snuck off - and came back with - yep, a paper! Aaaaaaand she'd already fetched ours this morning. So she'd run down the street, looking for another subscriber, because obviously we needed all the papers collected, and she was ON IT.

So my apologies to one of our neighbors - I know the Star will bring you another one - but our doggie just can't help herself! She loves to get the paper. PAPER!
JWo, get the PEPPERS! I guess that leaves me to get the PatrĂ³n!
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