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Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Thai Sensation

We ate Thai food last night, and it was all about the sharing. We got spring rolls - YUM - and then a couple salads & pad thai. We always get everything "medium", so as to enjoy the heat without passing out. Medium at Thai Place can get a little hot, so that's why we don't order hot. Well, the Crazy Jumbo Seafood salad? Medium? Let's try hot to Thai hot. Oh Mah Gawd.

It's like time slows down, and you start looking for your server, so they can bring you anything, now, to stop the pain. All my taste buds were smokin'. JWo looked like he was going to start blowing steam out his ears. We ate green cabbage, steamed rice, ice cubes - it took the rest of the meal for our tongues to stop raging. Our second salad, grilled mint beef, was delicious. If you haven't had that dish, you need to. It's absolutely exquisite, and for whatever reason, at medium heat, is not on par with the seafood salad. Yet, despite the pain, we finished both salads, because there is something about that spice that makes it so incredibly palatable, tasty, addicting! And even today, the day after, I'm craving it all over again. My poor stomach. Either I'm creating an iron stomach, or I'm slowly burning the entire lining out.
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