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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Keep Your Arms & Legs Within The Vehicle At All Times

Wednesday was what I'd categorize a "roller coaster" day. If you asked me about my day as a whole, I would have to average all the quarter hours and say, "Well, it was stressful at times, but overall, it was good." However, averaging things just means you're working with an average. You can get to the number 11 many different ways. For instance, my morning started with histrionics from a sales rep, kicking, biting & screaming like a toddler, and since I am fucking addicted to the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel, I imagined myself putting a choke chain around the neck of this squawling, puking being, and pulling up on the leash, you know, (say this in a sexy accent) raise his head up, like in dog show. Show him you are the leader, he will be proud! Instead I attempted as much diplomacy as I could, while defending myself, without being rude, until he made a threat. And then I said it. It was a first for me, asking someone straight out if they were TRYING TO THROW ME UNDER THE BUS, before they even tried to do it. Because I am goddamn familiar with The Bus, having felt its wheels on my body many a time at the old job, and I tell you what, a sales rep is not gonna punch my ticket for the bus. And suddenly the bus went away and the ears went back and the strain relaxed and we established that I was not in his life to make him miserable, but that he was crossing a line. Don't make me get Cesar Millan on your ass.

After that, I figured I might as well tackle all the other things that were pissing me off, you know, just sort of throw all the stinky trash into one bag. It was like fishing through sweaty locker room underwear. BLEAH! Then, running late & rushed from all the grossness, I was off to a client meeting, and it was one of those meetings you wish for. It was fun, we laughed, we had a great time, and my revolutionary, change-your-entire-strategy proposal actually slid right in to the overall discussion and was well-received and appreciated. APPRECIATED, people, that is what makes work worthwhile, makes the morning from hell fade away. Then I had lunch with friends, and then I had a dentist appointment and then I did more work.

And you probably think the dentist appointment was another bad thing, but it really wasn't. I got a lucky roll on the dice genes when it came to my teeth - so checkups are speedy & relatively painless. I came home & watched more Dog Whisperer & ate Thai food. All-in-all, a good kick-ass day, with the good far outweighing the bad that was my morning. So I leave you with what was my FAVORITE part of one of the DW segments:

Cesar: You show favoritism to one dog over the others?
Dog Owner: Yes.
Cesar: See, that is not fair. You have to treat your dogs equally. If you send your dog to me and I have a favorite dog already, that is not fair to your dog.
Dog Owner (not believing him): Don't you have favorites of your dogs? (Cesar has 30 dogs)
Cesar: No. They are all number 2.
Dog Owner: Who is number 1?
Cesar: I am.

Cesar is the SHIZNIT.

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