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Friday, July 15, 2005

Who Knows What Danger Lurks....

In the office refrigerator.

We have Kitchen Duty that rotates - one person /week - and the primary duty is to put the coffee cups in the dishwasher, run it, unload it, etc. I do not go into the refrigerator (only the freezer for ice) because the refrigerator is SCARY. There is no room, and it looks like it could eat you if you spent too long trying to put something into it.

However, one of the newer braver souls here is on KD this week, and he sent out an email yesterday that the fridge was going to meet a new sheriff in town: him. And part of the warning to get your stuff out of there contained an observation: that in the refrigerator, there was an unopened carton of milk.

Expiration date: December 26.

He asked for guesses for the year. The predominant guess year has been 2003. (There's no way to check, but still.)

It kind of makes me feel a little less shameful about our refrigerator at home. We suffer from a condiment problem, in that we have every kind of pickle, relish, sauce, and flavor accoutrement or enhancer under the sun, leaving very little room for much else. I can just see our recovery program: Condiments Anonymous, where the first step is admitting you don't need three kinds of barbecue sauce open at once......
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