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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

From One Extreme to the Other

Woohoo! I finished my book club book ("The Secret History", by Donna Tartt) with 53 minutes to spare. It took me almost that long to drive to the Hinterlands, where book club was meeting!

I really liked the book, as did everyone else. There was lots of lively discussion, and it was interesting to discover that some people liked characters I hadn't liked at all. In any event, a book I'd suggested last go-round was brought by another person, and was voted as the next selection: A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey. Here's the extra bonus: I've already read it! I'll probably re-read parts of it/skim it as we get closer to meeting, but I loved the book. Absolutely loved it. I even loved the book cover design, and I don't normally get wound up about that. And now that it's Oprah's book club pick, I guess a whooooole lot more people are going to read it. (Get your copy quickly, is what I'm sayin'.) We also noted that we were going from a book where drugs & alcohol were used freely & in the utmost bacchannalian sense - to the starkest description of recovery & withdrawal. The not-so-pretty side of it, and there are some graphic, painful descriptions of his autobiographical account of getting clean & then trying to stay that way.

Well peeps, the morning is slipping through my fingers. I awoke to the oddest color of sky this morning & now it's grown darker & darker with thunder rumbling & rain is starting to fall. Once again, I will be challenging myself to drive to work safely & under the speed limit, wishing I were curled up in bed with a good book, some yummy tea & a dog at my side for pettin' and yarn for knittin'. Have an excellent Wednesday!
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