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Friday, September 23, 2005

Driving With Cindy

I had lunch with my good friend Cindy today; she drove, and on our way back we encountered all the blocked roads & extra traffic due to the art fair on the Plaza starting today. Cars weaving in and out, stopping, crossing intersections in the midst of traffic, just your usual pell-mell excitement down here. We both decided that the restaurant was yummy, but we were annoyed that we both smelled like a hot pancake griddle after we left. I guess that's what happens if you eat someplace that serves a lot of paninis?

Anyway, Cindy's yelling at the bad drivers, and I said, "We are exactly the same when it comes to driving. I'm glad you're screaming at them, because otherwise I'd have to, and it's nice to let someone else do it." Two minutes later we're at one of those decision-points, where a giant Mack truck wants to turn in front of us, but we're sorta in the way of their path, and we can see our light is green, but the 10 drivers in front of us are apparently asleep and not pushing the little square acceleration pedal. Cindy declared, "I have to decide. I have to decide!" Since nobody in front of us was moving, she put the car in reverse and made room for the truck to turn. The light turned red as we waited for the truck to get out of the way.

"I hope that was the right decision, don't let it be wasted," she grumbled at them as they turned, hoping that the accomodations she made would result in the MackTruck People doing something equally nice to someone else.....

Shaking my fist, I shouted: "PAY IT FORWARD, MOTHERFUCKERS!"

Cindy: "I'm gettin' that tattooed ON MY ASS."

It's good having good friends, especially if you swear like sailors and smell like hot pancake griddles.
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