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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Equal Time

When I got home last night, both dogs met me at the door. They told me about their days, and they tried the game of "Daddy di'n't feed us, you should feed us now!" but I was on to their game, having spoken with James & he told me he'd fed them. I called them on their little trick and then we all laughed and they said they couldn't help it, they're labs, they have to always try for some more food!

Later on, though, Suzy came & found me, and I saw she was struggling a little to talk, but she finally confessed she had been reading my blog. (Since she's been working really hard at expressing her feelings, I didn't interrupt to ask whose computer she's using.) She then said that when she saw pictures of JUST Polly yesterday, and there wasn't even mention of her, she felt sad. And left out. I told her that I was sorry, and that I don't mean to play favorites, but she knows as well as I do, that Polly's younger and a lot more pushy and so sometimes that means she gets more attention, but I didn't love her any less, and I promised to put HER pictures up today. Because Suzy's a good dog, too.

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