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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Everybody's Doin' Done It

So I'm finally gettin' going on having the clap. The clapotis, that is. I pronounce it clap*o*TEE, but I'm sure there are as many ways to say it as there are knitting styles. In any case, I'm going to use my commute time tomorrow to get goin' on it - given that I'm spending over 5 hours in the car to & from a new business meeting. I already told the guys who're going with me that I'll be in the backseat, knitting. Forewarned is forearmed, baby.

My old boss used to denegrate a franchisee who would go to meetings & bring her knitting, because she said it was so unprofessional looking, and it made the woman look stupid. I asked if the meetings were really boring & unproductive, and she enthusiastically agreed with me..... I might have muttered something about how instead then, she was pretty smart, using that time to accomplish something worthwhile. (Oh, and nevermind that the woman was a millionaire, as required to even BE a franchisee.)

It's all about the culture, isn't it? Excellent article in today's KC Star, reviewing a book I plan on getting, called "Bait & Switch". Basically, white-collar corporate America is more interested in creating a "culture" based on "personality", and the desirable personality profile is one that looks just like the people running the place. Because yes-men and people who think just like their bosses? Now that's creativity, people......
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