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Saturday, September 10, 2005


So, I have this cold. And today finds me in an exceptionally whiney place. Charming, eh? Reminds me of this book I had as a teenager, full of advice & whatnot, probably an attempt at keeping the average outcast 15-year-old from killing him/herself with sage advice and homespun wisdom. Mmmmm, yeah. Because 15-year olds really LISTEN. Anyway, it had this line in it, "When you're bored, you're boring to be with!" I would like to find the fucker who wrote that and beat him about the ears. I know I'm boring & whiney right now. I am betting all of my savings that when you're whiney, you're a PAIN IN THE ASS to be with. Go chirp platitudes somewhere else, we're cranky.

Thank goodness JWo is spared the dubious pleasure of my company today, since he's off helping build a duck blind. The dogs are content with pets and pee breaks, so it's just me here to inflict self-torture with my incessant INNER WHINING. WAH wah. Woe is me. Then I get this reminder from the intellectual gnome, who is buried under the cold virus, so he doesn't surface too quickly, reminding me that there are people in the world and our country who are having a much tougher go of it, and I should be grateful I'm merely trying to distract myself by playing "Bejeweled". Unfortunately for Intellectual Gnome, the Whiners are running as a pack today, and they promptly stuffed a sock in his piehole & shoved him in the closet. Perhaps he is the thumping I feel at the base of my neck? Or is just MORE PAIN from this BLASTED COLD??????

There better be some Netflix movies in the mailbox today. Do you hear me, Mr. Man? THERE BETTER BE. That is all I'm saying. You'd be wise to just steer clear this weekend. I fling myself on the couch with all the angst of a 15-year old. Who is boring. And extremely adept at rolling one's eyes.
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