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Monday, September 05, 2005

Fashion Nugget

I remember being 8 years old. I thought I was the SHIZ-NIT, and nobody could touch my essential J-Funk kinda style. Mmm-hmmm. Kickin' it in black & white Mary Janes, wide wale corduroys, shapeless vests that are now strikingly similar to the Wal-Mart uniform, with side ties. When my mother took me out for my birthday, I wore my grandmother's long-discarded cat-eye sunglasses and carried an ancient purse. I made those relics look GOOD.

So it was with great regret later, when I realized I had not brought my camera to MommaLinda's last night, because my nieces were there, and the 8-year old made her entrance into the living room with a flourish. Miranda was wearing overall shorts & a t-shirt, and that's where normal stopped. She had on a crazy purple headband, lots of blue eyeshadow, a pair of enormous pink & green fleece slippers on her feet, an Eeyore purse carabiner-clipped to her right overall strap, and a black monkey named "Chatty" carabiner-clipped to her left strap. The PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE? One white glove. I nearly bit my tongue in half, because I had to force myself to remember she is only 8, and so I kept my Michael Jackson comments to myself.

She then proceeded to perform magic tricks. It was hilarious. She did a great job, and after a couple of hours hanging out, having things clipped to one's overalls seemed kind of normal. (Hey, after my previous post, I don't claim to be the standard for normal, either.) But let me just say that the funniest line came from her sister, directed at JWo, later in the evening. He was giving her a hard time, teasing & so on, and she finally had had enough & said, "Don't make me fight you, little man."

So you know what phrase will be overused around HERE over the next few months....
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