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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Only Five?

My knitbud Abbey tagged me with a little query, to share: Five Idiosyncrasies.

Gee, just five? I would guess my list is.... endless. And, much like Abbey, I find my little quirks captivating, endearing & charming. As you should, too. Also, like Abbey, I can't do the face-to-face sleeping thing. I fear oxygen deprivation.

Anyway, I gave it some thought, and here they are, selectively presented.

1. I cannot see the band name "Hoobastank" without saying it out loud. Every. Single. Time.

2. I am very particular about the tines of my fork. If I am dining out & the tines are uneven, I will do everything to get a new fork. It really affects how much I can enjoy the meal.

3. I color-separate all my candy before I eat it. M&M's, Skittles, Gummi Bears...

4. I apply lipstick all the time. Even if I know I'll be wiping it off in five minutes. I LOVE LIPSTICK.

5. I always stop before I get to the bottom step, of anywhere. I stop & look & then continue down. (I fell down a flight of concrete steps & took all the skin off my shins when I was moving. I didn't break a single dish but it hurt like bloody hell. It was 15 years ago, but I'm paranoid.)

I see you wanting to share your quirky-quirks! Bekah? Shannon? Carrie? Kristin? Show us what you got!
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