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Monday, August 22, 2005

Mmmmm, Meatshake

Apparently, a few years ago, a dude worked here and he was on a diet. And not any diet, but it was more like Atkins on Crack, from what they've told me. The really choice part of his diet was his breakfast, and he would make it here at work. It was a blended smoothie of sorts, made worse because he heated it in the microwave. Nobody was really sure what-all was in it, except it had meat in it, thus the term "meatshake". And they were RANK. People would literally gag at the smell. As, I'm sure, you're trying not to do whilst reading this blog. Sorry! Anyhoo, they finally had to have the office manager address his meatshake habit & ask that he no longer consume them in the office. Said dude is no longer here.

I made a joke a couple weeks ago in a meeting, about 'mmmmm, meatshake', and after the initial laugh said, "I heard there was a guy here who used to make them!" One of the more senior people here looked at me and said the meatshake maker's name, but what was really funny was the look in his eyes as he looked at me, gauging whether or not I was going to start making meatshakes because they sounded cool. That look was FEAR. They were that scary. Seriously, can you imagine? Oh, hi, I'm blending up a mandarin-orange-strawberry-chicken smoothie, with bee pollen and ginseng. Wanna taste? Or even better - the SNL classic - MMMMMM! THAT'S GREAT BASS!
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