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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy Birthday, JWo!

Today is James' birthday. He likes to bring up the fact that Elvis died today, too. It's a little trick to help you remember the date. (and it works! And, it also happened to be my anniversary date at the old job, how 'bout that!?)

We celebrated last night by going to a new restaurant (read: one we haven't tried, therefore, it was not Thai.) We brought our own CostCo cake, blessed it was and the sugar high kept me up late. Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Buttercream Icing & Vanilla Cheesecake Filling is really everything it's cracked up to be.

It was a lovely evening, surrounded by good friends, family, laughter & stories. Because I am wild, crazy & practical, he got his birthday presents last night: new shoes! Two new pairs, and they're snappy. Just. Like. Him.

A Snappy Man Eating Shrimp

So shouts out to the man I love & look forward to spending the next umpteen years with. And let me just say, in a dramatic stage whisper, that I am quite glad I'm not celebrating my 6th anniversary at the former employer today. A couple years ago we got logo-branded lunch totes as our anniversary gift, with a "ha-ha" note encouraging us to work through lunch. Yep. Hello, Lead Balloon, are you my new mascot? And they honestly wondered why morale sucked.

Anyway. Vanilla Cheesecake Filling & JWo, those are the good things in life, and logo lunch bags are a speck in the rearview mirror. Elvis, wherever you are, you should have a slice of CostCo cake, man. I think you'd like it.

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