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Monday, August 08, 2005

Really Good Food, Really Bad Puns.

Yesterday at brunch (Thai 2000!), the karaoke dvd was extra-peppy. One song was repetitive enough, we both thought we could actually do the chorus, despite not having a clue what they were saying. I know nothing about Thai music, but there seemed to be two categories playing on the TV yesterday: ballads and cheerful ditties.

During one of the former, I looked at JWo (who was seated with the tv at his back) and said, "You'll never guess who this is singing."
(He looks at me expectantly.)

"Mariah Curry!"

Well, that got a groaning laugh, and then a minute later, he said, "You know who they're playing next?"
(me, laughing, "No!")

"Tom Kha Jovi" (tom kha gai is yummy coconut chicken soup)

Then I said, "OK, we've both done one, they are both really funny, we can't do any more unless they're really, really good."

I had one more groaner: Flock of Sea Eaw (phad sea eaw)......

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