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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Weekend Guest Blogger: Polly

This morning? It was so cool, I went outside, and like, I LOVE OUTSIDE! I went good go pee, and I got the PAPER and mostly I ran around on Squirl Patrol, back and forth between these two big trees? Because I can smell them, and it is MY JOB to track them and chase them. And I like to jump up really, really high, and if I keep trying, one of these days, I will land in the branch that hangs down, and then I can run further up the tree? And I will catch one of those squirls! It is going to work. But then, then, Suzy? Told me to point my nose West, did I smell it? Oh YES! I smelled something really good. And I had to run off and find it and see it and then I had to roll in it. I smelled SO GOOD! But then it all went to hell because I finally came back home and Mister grabbed me and got out the one thing I hate more than the vacuum: The HOSE! And then I like, had a bath, and I hate baths, and now I don't think I smell nearly as good and now I have to stay out in the kennel. Suzy came out a while ago and told me she got all the breakfast leftovers, and I'm starting to think she planned this WHOLE THING. So every so often I bark, just in case Lady is awake and wants to come and get me. Because I'd like to try to jump in the tree again. And give kisses. And Hugs. I am a good hugger. But I never get hugs after I do my perfume rolling. I don't get that. It's when I smell the best!
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