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Friday, August 05, 2005

FFFFriday is for FFFFFriends!

Me & The Dawgg, at the commitment ceremony a couple months back. Let's play the Suave ad game: One of us has had 6 gin & tonics, one of us hasn't! WELL, if YOU can't tell, why should we?

She is "The Dawgg" because of our equal amusement at The Original Kings of Comedy & Cedric's bit about people asking you to call them things, like "Delicious". I don't know if I can pinpoint it exactly, but Lizzie Lou & I also were into All Things Hip Hop at the time, and so it just stuck. Plus, The Dawgg likes to ride in the car, what dawggs don't?! But her real name is Shelley. ShelleyDAWWWWWGG, as I like to say on the phone.

She's one my best girlfriends, we're cut from the same cloth, the crossweave being 50% feisty bitch and 50% righteous indignation and boy howdy can we get mad, you should see the 4" nails just fly out of our mouths. The Dawgg can also give a good hairy eyeball, which I sorta remember her doing to the guy at our table who was chemically analyzing the potatoes, when he asked, "Do these have cardamom in them?" I'd had so much gin, I just gave him gaping slackjawed amazement, combined with the "Are You Stupid?" eyebrow raise. And then I went back to eating all of the chocolate favors in front of me. Because there are times when one just CANNOT be bothered. Cardamom, shmardamom!

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