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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oh, I'm Bad... Bad Dog Mom!

Polly has very malleable ears. She, of course, likes them rubbed. I, in my bizarro humor world, like to fold them into origami shapes. For whatever reason, her ears will fold in half & flip up, so she looks like she's auditioning for the Flying Nun, or perhaps a new version of Princess Leia. Maybe even a Bjork-esque video. Sometimes they'll "stay" in folded position for quite a while, and the other night she was jumping around, showing us her rubber bone and quite encouraged by our gasping laughter, completely immune to the fact her ears were staying in their folded-up state and giving her an absolutely goofy look. I tried to re-create that look this morning, but her ears must be less "fold-able" in the a.m., and so it took some effort to keep them folded long enough for pictures. But oh yes, there are pictures!

From the side....

And head-on.....

Good thing she can't use the camera to get a shot of MY hair in the morning!!!! Revenge would truly be hers!
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