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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Yuptown Girl

So, I have Saturday allll to myself. I sleep in, I mess around on the computer, I love on the dogs, I have a bagel & then it's off to my shopping mecca: SuperTarget. Actually, I stopped at the dry cleaners first & dropped off the blouses that have been in my trunk for uh, a really long time. And I got a customer bag so I can use the 24-hour drop, and I felt like I was 42 years old and I started wondering how much starch JWo would want if we started doing his shirts there.

Then I got to ST, and before I did any shopping, I went to Starbucks (I LOVE that they have them inside SuperTarget, it's like my own little bio-dome!) and got my current MOST favorite drink EVER, a venti non-fat vanilla latte, iced. Each time I take the first sip, I look at it as though it has arrived here from outer space, and its purpose is to heal all that ails us. My short-term memory must be on the blink. Anyway, some brilliant person (probably the same one who thought up putting the 'bucks in Target) also came up with a cup holder you snap on to your cart. Smashing!

And so I spent an hour roaming the aisles & buying the latest organizational solutions for my life that won't, really, fix my life, and looking at dog chewies and birthday cards, and sipping my venti non-fat vanilla latte and felt like the biggest yuppie in the entire universe, if yuppies even exist anymore. I got an extra-sharp cheddar cheese ball for the wine & cheese party I was going to later that night (again with the yup factor).

I just might have to spend the day calling JWo "Gordon Gekko".
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