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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

When I Rule The World....

When new asphalt is poured, we will intentionally wait at least a week to draw the dividing lane stripes & dashes on the road.

Motorcycle cops (my "favorite"!) will be posted surreptitiously along the route. (They're sneaky fucks anyway, it will come naturally, and while I would love to eliminate them entirely from my dominion, I will need them for the motorcade.) They will be watching the non-marked roads, and those who CANNOT IN THEIR OWN BRAIN FIGURE OUT HOW TO DIVIDE THE ROAD EQUALLY AND DRIVE ACCORDINGLY will be pulled over, their vehicle confiscated by the State of Jen, and sentenced to six years of walking or public transportation.

The good news is, when I rule the world, I will have an EXCELLENT bus system.
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