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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Crow's Nest

I find myself wishing we had a Crow's Nest here today. I have a splitting headache, probably quite close to a migraine, and I realized I was thinking to myself, "I JUST WANT TO GO TO THE CROW'S NEST." And then I realized, nobody really knows what in the hell that is, do they?

When I was in grade school, there was a tiny little room at the very top of the building. Standard-sized stairs led up to it, where a landing met a door, and in that room were dry old books, and a small padded bench, with a white cotton blanket & small white pillow. It had a little window that overlooked the playgrounds. Students who didn't feel well, but didn't warrant being sent home immediately, were escorted to that little room, which was called the Crow's Nest. I only went there once, but it was so comforting. To be relieved of duty, no longer sitting in my desk, but safe & cozy at the very apex of the building, surrounded by books that hadn't been opened in years, and the distant hum of classroom activity reassured me the world was carrying on.

Everyone needs a Crow's Nest.
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