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Friday, August 19, 2005

Whole White, Toasted.

The night of JWo's birthday celebration, we had lots of laughs & stories, and of course, some time spent talking about various restaurants, and that led to Thai food, and James extolled the virtues of Thai 2000's Sunday Brunch, and the fact that we are usually the only all-Anglo party when we go, is a sign that we are dining on very authentic food, since nearly all of the other diners are Asian.

I think we all agreed with that, and our friends Ashley & Russell were talking about some similar experiences, going to some places in Houston, where some of Russell's family lives, and this part of his family is Vietnamese (Russell being half-Vietnamese, half-Caucasian). Ashley turned to Russell, mid-way through a story about going to a Vietnamese restaurant, that was packed with Vietnamese people, and her experience, being Caucasian & in the minority said, "I mean, Russell, you're not whole-white, you're half-white, I'm whole-white." Of course that just sounded so funny, like ancestry & nationality were bread or milk or something, and Russell said, "Ashley, I'm really more 'IronKids'."

Dare I say it- they're Wonder-ful friends? (insert groan here)

Happy, Happy Friday. Happy Half-Day Friday to me! Oh, I'll still have the whole day, but only half-work, please. With extra sugars.
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