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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Breakfast of Champions

I thought I would show you my very horrible breakfast from a workday last week. I don't eat breakfast from the vending machine too terribly often, but once in a while, lard-based products just sound tasty. Two diet cokes & 32 oz. of water? Why, it's practically healthy with all that water involved.

A couple years ago, I was very involved in my company picnic, and organized/hosted an eating contest. Each contestant had one minute to finish everything in front of them, and everyone was divided into teams, and you signed up for different competitions. The food contest was hit or miss on what you got (sort of like Survivor - will it be a candy bar? Or the West African dung beetle?) - the "nasties" were pickled pigs feet, pickled quail eggs, spam, and pickled herring. (Not that those are nasty, per se, but just not as common for someone to LIKE.) Surprisingly, people plowed right through them. I was getting a bit worried. Then there were wasabi peas, which people also ate at lightening speed. And then came the finale, the piece-de-resistance: apparently, it's damn hard to eat a Hostess Cherry Pie in under a minute, and it ended up being the tiebreaker between the teams.

Mmmmm. Lard. And cherries. Slows you down every time. Or in my case, kicks the morning off juuuust riiiiight.
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