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Sunday, August 21, 2005

When In Doubt, Go With The Dogs.....

I wrote THE BEST blog in my head last night, around 1 a.m. before falling asleep. It was insightful, meaningful, and would have made you really reflect on your life. Well, now that you're let down & sad and wondering how you'll get through the day, I should admit I'd also had several amaretto sours & some shots of Hot Damn! prior to going to bed. But that blog, it was awesome! And I didn't even feel the need to write down some notes to help me today, because it was SO GOOD, I would remember it for sure. Uh, yeah. And then I had crazy-ass dreams about travelling the world by train, and I had ridden the Switzerland-Minneapolis train, but I got separated from JWo on our Minneapolis-Kansas City connection, because a woman on the Switzerland train left her purse & I was trying to turn it in, but those Swiss bitches in Minneapolis could have CARED LESS, and I kept pointing out the woman was of Indian descent, but she spoke fluent English and Italian and she NEEDED to get her purse or she wouldn't be able to continue her studies back in Switzerland, and finally I threw the purse at those haughty wenches because we were late for the train & we had to run. And the train-entry doors were like the little elevator boxes at Tower of Terror, but only for two people & the door shut before I could get in. But I still made the train by running to the next stop, and then Will Ferrell was behind me, grabbing at me and hitting on me. And of course, I was flattered? But I'm married! So I was all, "Uh, I have to go." So, I got nothin' because all I can see in my brain is Will Ferrell and those mean Swiss bitches. And when that's all you've got? You pull out pictures of the dogs. Doesn't Suzy look scary? She would have come in handy last night at the train station.

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