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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No, It's Not.

My cell phone usually rings around 3:30, 3:40 in the afternoon, and it's JWo, leaving work. So when it rings at other times, during the workday, I'm a little alarmed. It just rang (12:30) and I'm sitting here at my desk putting out some small brush fires (it is best to use a side-to-side sweeping motion across the fire), and I got a little alarmed. Like, what else is going to happen today? Around noon, my work phone rang, I'd pick it up, and there was nobody there. By the third time, I was giving my phone the Hairy Eyeball. FIVE TIMES this happened, until on that fifth time, Representative Dennis Moore's recorded voice started talking about some f'n banjo get-together speakeasy he's gonna have over in Fairway and since I work and live IN MISSOURI DENNIS, and therefore can't VOTE FOR YOU, I hung up. With much spluttering and swearing.

So back to my ringing cell phone & my nerves all jingle-jangle. I answer.
A ginormous pause on the other end. OK, not helping the anxiety I freely shovel around every day. I'm worried about one of my friends right now and I am running from Dennis Moore.

"This isn't George's D&D Electric, is it." a woman on the other end stated.
"Ah, No. This is Jennifer's Brushfire Service. So sorry. Can I interest you in Dennis Moore's hoedown in Fairway?"
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