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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Boys of Summer.....

Kristin and I were chatting the other day (well, like, we chat EVERY day during the work week, and even sometimes extra on the weekends), about the young men, well, ok, they're basically boys, on the Rockhurst Cross-Country team, and how we see them as we're driving in to work and they are running along in little packs, all lean and young and did I mention they're young? They make me feel old, but they also make me feel a little lusty-old-lady-ish, and I'm not sure why, since I like my men BEEFY. Perhaps it's just all that youth in motion.

So on Saturday, I snapped a pic of a similar group running in a race. Nothing says creepy like a middle-aged woman DRIVING and pointing her camera out her passenger window at young men.

In my defense, I took a bunch of random pictures on my drive:

This one makes me kinda carsick, but I still like it:

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