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Sunday, August 28, 2005


What a fun weekend it's been. A bit of a blur, actually, but I'm really jazzed about the fact I washed all our bedding today. All. Of. It. Actually, I had to stop washing the pillows, because the cheap ones were EXPLODING in the washing machine. It was like a horror movie, with pillows committing hari-kari and exploding their stuffins all over the place. And then one load of pillows had PMS & they retained a ton of water, so they're drip-drying until they're less waterlogged & bitchy. After two pillow deaths & two pillows in Time Out, I quit with washing the pillows. Damned dust mites. I had hopes of killing them ALL!!!!

I met my first real, live blogger (as in, a blogger I knew solely through blogs) yesterday - Carrie of Wild Scorpy was kind enough to drive in to North KC to meet me for lunch. Where else would we dine, but a thai restaurant? "Tasty Thai", and she gets extra points for being so adventurous. I had not dined at the TT before, and it was a bit of a mixed bag, not knowing their food as :cough: well as I know Thai Place's, Thai Orchid's, Thai House's, and Thai 2000's..... (sidenote, Kristin & I saw another Thai restaurant downtown, it's right next door to Bazookas. (titty bar) Swell!I probably won't be going there anytime soon.) Anyhoo, the food wasn't as fantabulous as I'd hoped (spring rolls were made with really thick rice paper sheets, red curry wasn't, well, red), and eventually, I'll have to do a complete Kansas City Guide to Thai Food (Not Located Next To Titty Bars) - which will require further dining at Tasty Thai so as to provide a thorough analysis and report. All of that aside, meeting her was great fun & it was surprising to realize that three hours had flashed by & our legs were getting stiff from sitting so long! I will give Tasty Thai props for having a hilarious, festive delivery vehicle:

Oh, yes, I had to use the zoom:

So thanks for driving down, Ms. Scorpy, it was a lot of fun & we'll have to do it again - but I swear, if we go back to Tasty Thai, I am buying this bigass pikachu - it's a bank! It stared at me through lunch and I know it would have started talking to me, eventually.

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