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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Melancholy & Moby

The best way I can describe how I've felt this past week: melancholy. I don't mean to minimize anything, and I've seen some blogs & lists get overrun with vituperate comments, because obviously, there are a lot of opinions & emotions running high. I had some of my busiest days ever at work on Tuesday & Wednesday, and both evenings were spent doing things - so I pretty much felt like I'd been living under a rock when I finally had a chance to see what was happening in New Orleans, and the aftermath of the levee breaking. It's horrible. There are a thousand heart-wrenching stories, the images and accounts boggle the mind that this is happening in our country - after all, we're the law everywhere else in the world, how can we have anarchy in our own streets?

OK, that broached starting a debate. Not my goal. I am sad, and like many people, feel helpless. I made a donation to the Red Cross, just as I did after 9/11. I can't look at any more pictures, I can't hear any more stories about dogs, because it's going to pull me under, and again, I can't do anymore than I've already done. I am going to keep checking on bloggers like Amanda B., from Hattiesburg, who has lost her home & material possessions, but fortunately got out with her husband & pets. I'm going to trust in our rescue organizations, the National Guard, and the cities surrounding the area to get order restored & save lives.

I listened to Moby's "Play" album today while I pressed tomatoes for sauce & thought about how his music is perfect if you're feeling a bit melancholy, but don't want to sink below the surface - it's got haunting sounds, but it also soothes. Some of the songs are very upbeat, and it's just such a good balance of music. While I cranked the tomato press, I thought about a lot of things I take for granted every day. For those things, I am grateful. Grateful and happy, with a twist of melancholy.
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