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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


When you say the word out loud, it sounds funny. I think we've heard too many words via advertising that are related to prescription needs, and as my pal Beth pointed out, it sounds like a side-effect of something: Excessive usage can result in florilegium.

Ah, but while it is not an affliction, it could become an addiction! Florilegium is an absolutely gorgeous shop in Parkville, MO, that sells yarn, ribbons, needleworking supplies and various & sundry other needleart resources. I did some digging on the definition, and found this - and it seems consistent with the focus of the shop: to provide an exquisite collection.

Presentation is fantastic. If I hadn't been sweating buckets, or worried they thought I was a marauding corporate spy, I would have taken more pictures. In fact, the owners were so gracious, they offered to go buy us drinks or snacks! And I was directed to a large roll of paper towels when we walked in, which was also greatly appreciated. (We went on "Parkville Days" and the roads were blocked off - so we had to hoof it.) But look at this: A wall of yarn. IN JARS! With tassels so you could feel a sample of what was inside.

And an antique wrought-iron fence/grate bursting with Cascade 220:

Miss Kristin, perusing a book. Note the stained glass windows. In the windows on the back wall, the letters spell "Y A R N".

I loved it. They're worth the drive!
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