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Friday, September 09, 2005

Head Colds & Celebrities

I love this fountain:

OK, so the Access Hollywood bus was in town, but Billy Bush wasn't on it. I KNOW! He's the cute one! He had to jet off to Miami to interview Paul McCartney. :tsk tsk: The life of these celebrities, I tell ya.

So it was 90 degrees, which I guess it's going to be until Christmas, heaven forbid it cool down here. We stood around for a long time, waiting. The setup was a little overblown, and random people, including homeless people, all sorta fell in to the area around the J.C. Nichols fountain, some people there for the meet-n-greet, other people just wandering through. We had a nice time chatting with our reps, and they served Gates BBQ, which we did not partake in, though we did watch one of our reps actually eat an entire plate of sauced food while wearing a crisp collarless white dress shirt - and not get a spot on himself. Now that, my friends, is a true celebrity in my world.

We ended up leaving and skipping the autograph section - I mean, I'm not going to grab Nancy O'Dell and say something pithy and meaningful, because unlike those celebrities that have gone before her (Martha Stewart & Brian Adams), I really had no connection or interest. Plus, I have a head cold. I'm about as intriguing, peppy and exciting as a vanilla wafer. It was interesting to see just how much she got touched by other people. I think it would drive me nuts.

So, here, for your viewing pleasure, are my shots of the whole shebang:

Here's a pic of the mega buses they were driving, as taken from the shaded, slightly cooler side of the fountain:

The little short dude was just everywhere, running around, getting things set up. My gaydar had him at "hello". Therefore, I instantly had an affinity for him. Swishes, honey!

So, finally, Nancy has made her way over to where they're making the shots & she's doing her AH bit. I took the first picture without any adjustments (circling Nancy), and then thought it would be fun to try out the zoom. I felt very paparazzi-esque - not bad for a li'l Kodak 10x zoom!

Kristin & I blew the pop stand, grabbed some Wendy's & went back to work. I eventually left & came home, falling into a blurred, cold-medicine-induced coma. I did, however, get a lovely shot of the fountain, homeless people got a really good meal of barbecue, and my picture taken with Eric Chaloux, a morning reporter on KCTV5. He is an entire blog entry on his own, but it's a long running, funny thing, both at home and at work. Stay tuned, as they say! ;)
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